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Speed and Agility group Performance Training



TipTop’s Speed & Agility Group Performance Training Program consists of mid-sized classes that are challenging, fun, interactive, competitive and intense for the serious athlete. The Group Performance Class is very popular with all levels of athletes … from age 8 through post-collegiate ages.

TipTop’s techniques are based on over 30 years of experience in helping athletes to focus on the most critical areas necessary for a competitive athlete in any sport.
GPT focuses on essential topics such as core strengthening, flexibility & recovery, explosiveness, weight training, nutrition and confidence building.

However, primary emphasis is placed on:
Speed and Agility
Our trainers focus on essential skills such as speed, agility, quickness, explosiveness, and recovery using a wide range of the newest equipment such as speed ladders, medicine balls, parachutes, plyometric boxes and resistance bands.

Injury Prevention

Research has shown that preventing injury, not treating them, is the most effective method to prevent an athlete from ending up on the sidelines! All GPT classes begin with self-myofascial release to prepare muscles for the workout and release trigger points that can hinder performance. Our athletes enjoy more effective workouts while reducing risk of injury.

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Training Package

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